John R. Schaffner, 106th ID, 589th FA participates in book signing

(l-r) Lil Schaffner; Jeffrey Barda,(CO of the Navy Museum); Martin King; John Schaffner; Michael Collins

There is apparently a resurgence of interest in WW II history and as a result, I have had my experience used in several books (that I know about) with two more in progress. My wife Lil and I were invited to attend a book signing, at the Navy Yard in Washington DC, by the two authors of a new one titled “Voices of the Bulge.”  One author is American Michael Collins and the other a Scot Martin King, who resides in Belgium and conducts tours of the Ardennes. It was a small gathering in the museum’s auditorium and they invited me to speak. I suppose it went over OK since I was asked to sign as many books as the authors. “Voices of the Bulge” is on our web site under Research/Books, DVDs, Film

There are two more books in progress that will be very important to the history of the 106th Division. One titled “Red Legs of the Bulge,” about the artillery, by C.J. Kelly, to be released soon and the other is “The Last Infantry Division” by Kenneth Johnson. Johnson’s book is nearing completion and will be based solely on the experiences of the men of the 106th Division. He has worked on this project for several years and by using memoirs written, personal interviews, and the full cooperation of other WW II historians, has compiled an outstanding work that all of us 106th veterans will be proud to hand down to future generations.

It is “our” story, as complete as one can put it on paper, and digital. There will be an electronic version that will contain newsreel footage with sound, Google maps that will show actual terrain and locations of various units for one to view using an IPad, or other devices that I believe are now on the market. Check with your grand children. This latest electronic stuff is fascinating, almost unbelievable until you have one in your hands.

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