How to request the Belgian Fourragère 1940

The Belgian Fourragère of 1940 was created by Prince Charles of Belgium, Regent of the Kingdom to honor certain military units that distinguished themselves during the Second World War.

 The Fourragère 1940 (in the colors of the War Cross 1940) could be awarded to the foreign units that had distinguished themselves particularly in the battles which had led to the liberation of Belgium and which were cited twice in the Daily Orders of the Belgian Army. However, individual authorizations to wear the Fourragère 1940 could only be granted by the Commander of the 2nd Armored Division to those servicemen who had participated in the battles that had led to both citations in the Daily Orders of the Belgian Army.

 All Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge can introduce a request to receive the “Fourragère 1940”. The Fourragère 1940 will not be awarded posthumously.

 The two conditions to receive this award are the following:

1.  The Veteran must have taken part in the Battle of the Bulge with a unit, cited twice in the Daily Orders of the Belgian Army, click here to see the list of units, and
2.  The Veteran must still be alive.

 The historical center of the Belgian Defense in Brussels will verify every request and therefore will need the exact name of the Veteran, the name of his former unit and some proofs that he belonged to that unit (for example a copy of the “Military Record and report of separation”, a copy of the “Honorable discharge” or a copy of any award received before)

 After verification by the historical center in Brussels, the Defense Attaché’s Office will take the necessarily actions towards the Archives of the U.S. Army to obtain their permission to wear the Fourragère 1940.

 The Veteran who wants to introduce a request can send this to the Military Section of the Belgian Embassy.

 Per e-mail: 

 Per mail:

Embassy of Belgium
Military Section
Attention: Ms Nadège Ganga or Major Patrick De Smedt
3330 Garfield Street NW
Washington, DC 20008

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