President’s Message

Douglas C. Dillard (Col. Ret.)
82nd Airborne Division

Douglas Dillard, VBOB President

Greetings to all. This is my last letter as National President and from the outset, I want to thank all of you for your understanding, cooperation and support of the Association while I was its National President. It has been a distinct honor to have served in such capacity and I have made every effort to honor the office, and represent the Association in a professional manner with all personalities and/or organizations with which I have had contact. This includes other military organizations such as ours, including meeting with the President and Vice President last November on National Veterans Day at the White House.

While I was President, we shared delightful reunions in Kansas City, MO and Columbia, SC. Local Chapters did great things to make them successful.

Additionally, the Commemoration ceremonies in Washington DC and visits to the Embassies and Ambassadors’ Homes for receptions were just wonderful, and we must thank the Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge Historical Foundation for their sponsorship, especially John Bowen and Al Shehab. I must also thank my very good friend Ralph Bozorth, the glue that has held us together for some time. Also, I wish to thank John and Mary Ann Bowen for their dedication to the cause, and the direct support and advice they gave to me.

Still working is the trip to Belgium/Luxembourg in December of this year. I must apologize—although I have no control on the overall cost of the trip, I have devoted many hours on the coordination of this trip, but the exchange rate Euro v.s. Dollar complicates such travel. I do feel that this will be an historic trip and participants will be very pleased.

I have been able to coordinate with the Department of Veterans Affairs, Public Relations Director, for social media exposure for our Association and hopefully this will be done, along with continued coverage of our 70th Anniversary Trip in December.

I leave you with one thought… I’ve survived DAMN near EVERYTHING… so what is my new challenge?

My sincere regards to all… AIRBORNE ALL THE WAY!


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